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Forget Your Inbox.

Caspy is an AI Powered Chrome Extension that
helps you build stronger relationships
with important email contacts.

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Goodbye Obssesive Inbox Checking

Snooze, Reply-to and mute emails from anywhere in your browser without opening Gmail

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Boost Productivity

Focus on your work and let Caspy keep a look out for urgent emails.

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Never Forget To Reply

Never let an important email slip through the cracks.

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Stay close

Keep VIP contacts from drifting away with Smart Reconnect Suggestions.

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Get Notified Only When It’s Necessary

Inbox noise can kill your productivity. With Caspy, you’ll be notified only when you receive an important email. Simple.

Caspy’s AI learns from your email history to figure out what types of emails you send replies to. With that knowledge, it will alert you only when an email needs a reply. Unlike other apps, Caspy is more personalized and more intelligent.

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Snooze ‘till later

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Don’t have time to reply? Just snooze the notification and Caspy will send you a reminder to get back to your contact.

You can snooze email notifications for an hour or a day. Once the timer is up, Caspy will remind you to respond to that email.

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Put Unwanted Emails to Sleep

Mute unimportant contacts. Spotted an email that should have been filtered? Let Caspy know. Caspy learns from experience to create better recommendations.

You can easily give feedback to Caspy. If you see an email that doesn’t need a reply or a contact you don’t care about - just click on the appropriate button when ignoring the notification. Caspy's AI can quickly learn from your behaviour and create improved recommendations.

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Check Emails In Batches Icon

Mute or Unmute Your Inbox

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Useless email notifications can ruin your focus and hamper your creativity. With Caspy, you can set aside Daily Email check-in times. Caspy will hold back all the notifications until the specified check-in time.

When you don’t want to be distracted by Email Notifications, you can tell Caspy to notify you of new emails in batches. You can select the frequency of new email notifications from anyone of the following options...

  • Immediately
  • Every Hour
  • Every Other Hour
  • Twice Per Day (noon and 4pm)

Choose a plan that suits your needs

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  • Unlimited Notifications
  • Unlimited Reconnects
  • Free Daily Inbox Report

Caspy For

  • AI Email Bot For Slack
  • Inbox Insights
  • Canned Replies
  • Phone Support

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